(251 Our strategic pillars (continued) Simplicity Responsible M Retailing 22 People perfOrmance Ahold at a glance Business review Governance We are leveraging our capabilities and resources as an international company and working on better processes and systems across our businesses. The savings we unlock with Simplicity will be reinvested into our offering for customers to drive our successful business model. Our ambition a Reduce costs by €350 million in 2015. Our progress We set an ambition to deliver €600 million in Simplicity savings in the period 2012-2014. We have realized savings of €865 million, exceeding our target. For 2015, we will continue to drive improvements and we aim to deliver a further €350 million in savings to be reinvested back into the business. Ahold Annual Report 2014 We support the health and well-being of our customers, associates and communities, source our products responsibly and care about the environment. Associates - throughout our businesses - are engaged in putting responsible retailing into practice, every day. We have five priority areas under our responsible retailing pillar: healthy living choices made easy, contribution to community well-being, responsibly sourced products, care for the environment, and our people. Our ambition a We have ambitions in five priority areas: healthy living, community well- being, responsible products, care for the environment and our people, measured by nine targets. Please see our Responsible Retailing Report 2014 for further detail. Our progress We are well on track towards realizing our Responsible Retailing targets for 2015. Please see our Responsible Retailing Report 2014 for further detail. We are continuously investing in and supporting the development of our associates. At the same time, we are hiring new people with new skills, so that we have the capabilities we need to grow - and sharing these capabilities across our businesses. We will continue to build diverse workforces - in terms of both personal background and professional experience - to better serve our diverse customer base and help us successfully cross cultures and borders. We want to be a better place to work for our associates, and provide good working conditions, development opportunities, managerial support, recognition for performance, and an atmosphere of mutual respect. Our ambition a We have ambitions in and measure our performance across five areas: respect for each other, good working conditions, development opportunities, support from managers and recognition for performance. Our progress Our increasing associate engagement score (measured annually) shows we are making progress on our ambition to motivate and inspire our associates and enhance our performance culture. A uniform rating system based on both pre-set targets and on specific values-driven behavior has been developed and is currently being rolled out.

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