Notes to the parent company financial statements 147 6 Receivables 7 Other current financial assets - 8 Shareholders' equity Ahold at a glance Business review Governance Financials Ahold Annual Report 2014 millior December 28, 2014 December 29, 2013 Receivables from subsidiaries 25 15 Receivables from joint ventures 1 2 Prepaid expenses 7 1 Income tax receivable 1 Other receivables 1 1 Total receivables 35 19 million December 28, 2014 December 29, 2013 Short-term deposits and similar instruments 130 1,263 Hedging derivatives intercompany 1 Other 1 1 Total other current financial assets 131 1,265 As per December 28, 2014, short-term deposits and similar instruments included short-term investments with a remaining maturity at acquisition between three and twelve months. The shareholders' equity in the parent company financial statements equals the shareholders' equity presented in the consolidated financial statements, except that legal reserve participations and accumulated deficit are presented separately. The currency translation reserve, cash flow hedging reserve and legal reserve participations are legal reserves that are required by Dutch law. The legal reserve participations include the increases in net asset value of joint ventures and associates since their first inclusion, less any amounts that can be distributed without legal restrictions. If the currency translation reserve or the cash flow hedging reserve has a negative balance, distributions to the Company's shareholders are restricted to the extent of the negative balance. Of the total equity as per December 28, 2014, €4,844 million, an amount of €219 million is non-distributable (December 29, 2013: €513 million out of total equity of €6,520 million). For more information on the dividends on common shares, see Note 20 to the consolidated financial statements.

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