Notes to the consolidated financial statements 99 19 Cash and cash equivalents 20 Equity attributable to common shareholders Shares and share capital Common shares and additional paid-in capital Ahold at a glance Business review Governance Financials Ahold Annual Report 2014 millior December 28, 2014 December 29, 2013 Cash in banks and cash equivalents 1,281 2,206 Cash on hand 343 290 Total cash and cash equivalents 1,624 2,496 Of the cash and cash equivalents as of December 28, 2014, €9 million was restricted (December 29, 2013: €4 million). This primarily consisted of cash held in escrow accounts mainly related to pending litigations and construction activities. Ahold's banking arrangements allow the Company to fund outstanding checks when presented to the bank for payment. This cash management practice may result in a net cash book overdraft position, which occurs when the total issued checks exceed available cash balances within the Company's cash concentration structure. Such book overdrafts are classified in accounts payable and amounted to €184 million and €166 million as of December 28, 2014, and December 29, 2013, respectively. No right to offset with other bank balances exists for these book overdraft positions. Authorized share capital is comprised of the following classes of shares as of December 28, 2014: million 2014 2013 Common shares (2014: 1,700,000,000 of €0.01 par value each, 2013: 1,700,000,000 of €0.30 par value each) 17 510 Cumulative preferred shares (2014: 43,520 of €500 par value each, and 2013: 1,250,000 of €500 par value each) 22 625 Total authorized share capital 39 1,135 In addition, Ahold has cumulative preferred financing shares outstanding. These cumulative preferred financing shares are considered debt under IFRSs until the date that Ahold receives irrevoca of cumulative preferred financing shares to convert these shares into common shares. Upon this notification, the cumulative preferred financing shares are classified as a separate class of equity definition of a liability. For disclosures regarding Ahold's cumulative preferred financing shares, see Note 22. ble notification from a holder since they no longer meet the Changes in the number of common shares and the number of treasury shares were as follows: Number of common shares issued and fully N paid (x1,000) umber of treasury shares (x 1,000) Number of common shares outstanding (x 1,000) Balance as of December 30, 2012 1,060,988 22,481 1,038,507 Share buyback 61,009 (61,009) Share-based payments (4,995) 4,995 Balance as of December 29, 2013 1,060,988 78,495 982,493 Share buyback 92,485 (92,485) Reverse stock split (81,615) (7,999) (73,616) Cancellation of treasury shares (85,000) (85,000) Share-based payments (6,205) 6,205 Balance as of December 28, 2014 894,373 71,776 822,597

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