The Netherlands €11,696 million (0.5)% 4.9%> OS Our brands and how we operate (continued) 08 2,105 Iff 97,000 34 Albert Heijn Gall Gall Etos Ahold at a glance Business review I Governance Financials Investors Ahold Annual Report 2014 Including Belgium and Germany Net sales Identical sales growth (excluding VAT on tobacco sales) Underlying operating margin Stores Associates Ml Pick-up points Albert Heijn is the leading supermarket and online food retailer in the Netherlands and one of the country's best-known brands. Albert Heijn also operates in Belgium where it has a growing presence. Store formats Supermarkets, convenience stores and online shopping and delivery for food and non-food. Stores Gall Gall is the leading wine and liquor retailer in the Netherlands. Store formats Wine and liquor stores and online shopping. Stores Etos is one of the largest drugstore chains in the Netherlands. Store formats Drugstores and online shopping. Stores is the number one online retailer in the Netherlands and also operates in Belgium. Store formats Online shopping for general merchandise.

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