1 mi BsimEiHHta 30% 30% 30% 10% Remuneration (continued) Annual cash Plan; ExCo Incentive Plan million Equity-based program: Global Reward Opportunity (GRO) million Ahold at a glance Business review Governance The Management Board members participate in the ExCo Incentive Plan (EIP). The EIP uses three equally weighted financial measures: net sales growth (30%), operating margin (30%) and operating cash how (30%) and one non-financial performance measure (10%) that relates to Responsible Retailing as described below. The at - target payout of the EIP as a percentage of base salary is 100%, contingent on full achievement of the objectives, with a cap at 150% of the base salary. Ahold does not disclose the actual targets per performance measure, as this is considered commercially sensitive information. The EIP also includes a non-financial performance measure in addition to the quantitative financial performance measures. This non-financial measure relates to our Responsible Retailing strategic ambitions. Targets set under this non-financial performance measure are qualitative. The score under the non-financial component is linked to the performance of the financial components. If the financial multiplier is zero, the score on the non- financial component will also be zero (regardless of the achieved score on the non-financial component), resulting in no payout. Actual EIP 2014 EIP Performance measures 0.8 0.6 0.4 0.2 n CFO CCGC COO CEO Actual EIP 2012 Actual EIP 2013 Actual EIP 2014' 1 2014 EIP represents accrued bonuses to be paid in 2015 and subject to shareholder approval. Operating margin Net sales growth Operating cash how Responsible retailing Global Reward Opportunity (GRO) is Ahold's broad- based, long-term equity incentive program, offered to approximately 5,000 associates globally. Under the GRO program, shares are granted through a three- year program. Participants in the GRO program benefit when the value they have created is reflected in the Company's share price. Under the GRO program, three types of shares are granted: one type of conditional share and two types of performance shares. Ahold Annual Report 2014 Conditional shares are shares awarded with a performance hurdle at grant and no performance hurdle at vesting. Performance shares are awarded with either a Return on Capital performance hurdle at vesting or with a Total Shareholder Return hurdle at vesting. The at- target value of the shares to be granted is divided by the average share price over the six-month period preceding the grant date to calculate the number of shares to be granted. Scenario analyses are prepared regularly to estimate possible future payout levels. 2014 Management Board GRO Grant Value 2.0 0.786 0.951 .181 .772 CEO CFO CCGC COO The 2014 GRO grant value consists of a one-third conditional grant value with an 89% multiplier plus the at- target RoC anc TSR performance grants.

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